create balance

what we do

find balance

Balance comes from within your business. It’s your strength, purpose, focus and motivation and provides a solid foundation to build on.

To find balance, we help you identify and clearly communicate, who you are, what you do and why you do it.

We help you translate this into a compelling offer to your customers, so you stand out and stay recognised and support you in getting the basics right, with clear priorities, achievable plans and better ways of working

Finding your balance gives you purpose, stability and focus, so that your business can;

  • get everything and everyone working together towards the same thing
  • have the right conversations at the right time, making every conversation count
  • focus time and effort on the things that matter most and keep you at your best
  • make the best choices for your business, people and customers at all times

balance comes from a solid understanding of what is important and why

maintain balance

The strongest point of balance is at the centre of the everyday push and pull. Your business needs to be good at counter-balancing to retain this tension and keep things moving forward.

To maintain balance we help you identify and continually evolve, how you do things

Maintaining your balance gives you agility, creativity and pace, so your business can;

  • extend it’s strengths into areas of opportunity and be open to new ideas
  • adapt quickly to challenges and keep disruption to a minimum
  • use resources in different ways to keep people motivated and at their best
  • stay focused on what matters most, whilst taking risks and learning from failure

maintaining balance requires constant adjustment

improve balance

Balance isn’t just something you have, it’s something you create. For a business to stay successful, it needs to review and fine-tune what it does well, and keep learning so it can become better.

To improve balance, we help you make insight, improvement and learning critical parts of your business.

We help you create simple frameworks and rituals that let you see how your business is performing and help you decide what to stop, start or do differently at regular intervals.

Improving your balance gives you progress, rewards and recognition so your business can;

  • operate efficiently, effectively and with minimal disruption
  • create the benefits it wants for its customers and people
  • stay motivated to keep going, because people feel things moving forward
  • increase it’s reach, ability, visibility and value

We must never become too busy sawing to take time to sharpen the saw - Stephen R. Covey

our model

Our simple balance methodology helps you find, maintain and improve your balance across the critical areas of your business by helping you to;

  • clarify who you are, what you do and why you do it, then align how you do things against this
  • develop a balance framework that let’s you know when you’re in and out of balance, so you can identify what you need to stop, start or do differently to keep the business performing
  • create a simple plan and identify areas of priority so you can put energy and expertise to where it matters most
  • develop a balance mindset and capability, so your business can operate at it’s best and keep moving forward

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