create balance

who we are

our skills

We are experienced business consultants with a wealth of learning and expertise. This gives us a real understanding of how to keep things simple and worthwhile and an ability to offer the advice, guidance and support that will make a meaningful difference straight away.

We can help you create balance in your business using our specific skills and experience in;

  • business consultancy
  • leadership advice and coaching
  • organisational development
  • strategic planning and delivery
  • navigation, facilitation and training
  • communication and storytelling
  • business best practise
  • employee engagement
  • cultural development
  • effective network development

our approach

We believe in chemistry and real relationships – if we don’t like each other what’s the point!

We listen, challenge and simplify, to draw-out the answers in the room.

We link to your plans and ways of working so we’re not yet another thing on your list.

We share examples of what works well, so you benefit from our learnings.

We’re small but hugely experienced making us easy to work with and really good at what we do.

We respectively tell it like it is because we believe it’s the only way to make things happen.

We have a genuine duty of care for our customers and work hard to help them keep it simple and get it right.

balance requires skill, steady feet, a steady mind and a sense of weight control