create balance

 time to take a new direction?

continuity and change

Winnie the Pooh, who was indeed a very wise bear, reminded us all that footprints are certainly to be respected when observing where we’ve already been… to retrace them though, may only reveal what we’ve already seen and heard. Though to shape our future, it’s also important that we acknowledge our past.

But it’s a New Year… so, do we continue as we are, or do we need to add a little change? The answer is YES... but not because it's the start of another year.  The answer should always be yes, yes every single day. We must consistently adjust how we do things, as current reality unfolds. 
You can’t always predict but you can always react.

Continuity is our precious core. It reflects our experience, our reputation, our heritage, why we do things... whereas an appetite for change reflects our agility, our instinctive ability to adjust.

Together they’re an addictive mix, possibly more so now, served over the icy probability of an economic crisis. But they're a cocktail to carefully blend every day. Note every day… not once a year!

We call this finding balance, whether it's you as an individual leader, or your team, or an organisation. It’s interesting to observe that in some issues, after a certain point, the sensation of change becomes like a normal weather pattern … wet days follow dry days and we simply dress accordingly. 

In these cases, we instinctively adjust relative to the situation and correctly translate how we deal with it. However, throughout this decision taking, we protect our continuity, our reputation, our core… indeed it is this that navigates our agility on how we do things. That’s the blend at its best. That’s creating balance.

Creating balance allows an organisation, or you as a leader, to firstly identify Who you are, What you do and Why you do it. 

Respecting the consistent influence of each of these is fundamental in then being able to sensibly and safely adjust How you do things. 

As both challenges and opportunities are revealed, your agility to adjust accordingly is now securely in place… and the informed choices you are now able to make on how you do things, will keep you and your organisation relevant and moving forward.

Without firstly creating balance, your choices may inadvertently adjust the core, namely your Who, What Why, confusing those around you with potentially inappropriate and dysfunctional thoughts and actions.

Creating balance will help you prioritise what matters most, stay focussed under pressure, use your strengths to be at your best. And it’s the same for every leader and every organisation across every sector…. It’s all about balance.

So, that’s where we come in. We listen, share our balance insights and help you create the balance you need as a leader or as an organisation, to succeed and keep moving forward.

JANUARY… a moment each year when we predictably pause. What we decide will be reflected in our footprints. Do we keep to our previous tracks, or is it time to take a new direction?

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