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The coronavirus pandemic placed us all in a unique scenario – one that required us to change how we do things at an unprecedented pace and scale.
As we recorded the changes, the inevitability of evolution emerged. An extraordinary project for extraordinary times.

balance thinking

Balance isn’t just useful – it’s fundamental to our evolution.
Read our thoughts on applying the concept and principles of balance to personal and professional life.

Oliver Hoare Ltd

Oliver Hoare was arguably the most influential dealer in the Islamic art world and one who broke the mould. Protecting this legacy, whilst extending the brand into a new era was a formidable task.

National Youth Theatre

Over the past 60 years the National Youth Theatre has been investing in dreams discovering, inspiring and nurturing thousands of young people through free and affordable training. But CEO and Artistic Director Paul Roseby wanted to elevate the brand much further – empowering young people as a positive force for good and social change.

Delfont Mackintosh Theatres

Running a globally successful show for three decades, at an unrivalled five-star level takes hard work, unique expertise, real commitment and huge motivation.
But what happens when it’s time for the show to move on and the world is watching. How do you retain motivation and high standards right to the end?