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value me – value you

Feeling of value and delivering value are indisputably linked. True value is recognising the benefits of each.

“I will stay here as long as I feel of value’ is the consistent drumbeat of most new starters …. and, with little surprise, it emerges that ‘feeling of value’ is where most people are when they’re performing at their best.

no going back

Can we go back to how we did things before? As we lift ourselves out of crisis or disruption, our instincts say return and rebuild… enticing us back to where we once were. This always feels a comfortable and familiar starting point for our onward recovery. But this time, going back to how we did things, may not be the right choice...

doing and being

People are looking for authentic leaders. Authentic leaders balance both... perfectly. There’s a new respect and a fast growing need today for authenticity. In a world of recovery, continual reinvention, fake news and multiple channels of information, being able to follow something or someone that is clear, committed and trustworthy counts for a lot.

it's time for balance

Balance is a proven concept. It’s how we evolve. Consultancy and coaching on how to create balance is what we do. And it might be just what you need.

DMT sales and ticketing

Sales and Ticketing teams are designed to sell tickets. It’s as simple as that. So, when your entire service must shift to offering refunds or new dates overnight, it requires a complete business model re-think. But …it still all starts with a ticket.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The E.M.F is committed to the circular economy which is key to tackling global challenges, including climate change and biodiversity loss. So what if our planet… was our client?

bringing culture out of quarantine

There is positivity in the air, as cultural colour creeps back into the greyness that has dominated our lives. It's a good route out of all this and fundamental to our future.

the return of theatre

Now is the moment for the theatre sector to find its balance... to amplify its inspirational role re-establish its true value. The lights are flickering on. But survival is not enough.

Paines Plough

A clear commitment to increasing inclusivity is one thing. Putting it at the heart of your business strategy and ensuring you have the capability to deliver it, requires belief, bravery, and balance.

Seabright Productions

When a theatre production company, grown almost entirely through the hands-on expertise and experience of it's founder, is aspiring to move to the next level… a balanced framework was the key starting point.


The pandemic placed us all in a unique scenario – one that required us to swiftly change how we do things. From an extraordinary project in extraordinary times, the inevitability of evolution emerged...

balance thinking

Balance isn’t just useful – it’s fundamental to our evolution.
Read our thoughts on applying the concept and principles of balance to personal and professional life.

Oliver Hoare Ltd

Oliver Hoare was arguably the most influential dealer in the Islamic art world and one who broke the mould. Protecting this legacy, whilst extending the brand into a new era was a formidable task.

National Youth Theatre

For 60 years the NYT has been investing in dreams discovering, inspiring and nurturing thousands of young people. But CEO Paul Roseby wanted to elevate the brand further – empowering young people as a force for good and social change.

Delfont Mackintosh Theatres

Running a musical phenomenon for 30 years at an unrivalled five-star level, takes hard work and commitment. But when it’s time to move on, how do you retain motivation and high standards?