create balance

We help businesses find, maintain and improve their balance

… so they can survive, succeed and keep moving forward

We help businesses find, maintain and improve their balance

… so they can survive, succeed and keep moving forward

In a few short weeks, the whole world has been knocked off balance. People and organisations everywhere are making enormous efforts just to get it back.

Their ability to evolve continues to be tested. Some are starting to regain their balance, but only those who are able to focus on what matters most, stay open to new ideas, use their strengths in different ways and learn and adapt more quickly.

Our mission remains the same and is now more important than ever – to help you create balance, so you can stay strong and supported.

What do our clients say?

“They react live to curveballs and unexpected discoveries, working their magic to help the team help themselves. That takes real talent and an innate understanding of humanity. This whole experience is unlike any other consultancy we’ve encountered.”

Delfont Macintosh Theatres

why is balance more important than ever?

When the current crisis eases and we move towards a new normal, who will people remember, return to and continue to put their trust in?

It will be those who respond quickly to the things they can control, focus their energy and expertise on the things that matter most and use their strength in different ways.

It will be those whose underlying values help them act with understanding and integrity, so they consistently say and do the right thing.

It will be those who show greater resilience, agility and can reimagine the way they do things.

It will be those who regain their balance and help others do the same.

who we are

We’re a small, tight team of highly experienced consultants who have helped organisations through the best and the worst of the past thirty years.

what we do

We can help you create balance across the critical areas of your business so you can survive, succeed and keep moving forward.

why we do it

Because we believe that balance is an evolutionary ability that can make a fundamental difference for good people doing good things.

what do we mean by balance?

Balance is a proven concept. It’s widely used in the fields of medicine, science, engineering and well-being and in nature, it's fundamental to evolution.

We apply it to business, because we know it works.

Every conversation, every decision and every action we take, involves some degree of balance.

Balance is a complicated thing.
It comes naturally, but it needs practice.
It looks easy, but there’s a lot to it.
It takes strength and agility – and it builds strength and agility.

Balance isn't something you just have. It’s something you need to create.

Although massively difficult at a time like this, those who create balance are more likely to survive, succeed and emerge strongly at the other end.

“There’s no decision we can make that doesn’t come with some sort of balance.”

Simon Sinek