create balance

who we are

We’re a small, tight team of experienced consultants, who have helped leaders and organisations through the best and the worst of the past thirty years.

our story

We met many years ago, having each enjoyed our own careers in large corporates. One of us (the much older one) had been there for 40 years!

We had similar beliefs - a ‘duty of care’ to our customers, a shared passion to make a difference and a desire to work with good people doing good things. Any relevant skills that were individually absent, we spookily found in each other.

Working together over several years with start-ups, SME’s and (yes, even more) corporates, we made a fascinating discovery … balance.

Quite simply, those that had it, stayed focused on what mattered most and remained tightly connected to their values, strengths and sense of purpose - this seemed to keep them in balance. Those that didn’t, were more easily knocked off course.

When we looked at other areas where balance was important - science, nature, medicine, engineering, well-being, we realised that the same rules applied.

our mission

We knew that if we could find a way to apply balance principles, we’d be able to help individuals and organisations survive, succeed and keep moving forward.

So we set out using our collective skills and experience to do just that. and we love it…

It’s great when you love what you do. It’s wonderful to work with good people, helping them do good things for good reasons.

It’s who we are, what we do and why we do it…and it keeps us in balance too.

balance requires skill, steady feet, a steady mind, and a sense of weight control