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 groundhog moments...

have we said this before?

As each new year arrives, descriptive titles for the era we’re now entering, begin to emerge.

The New Yorker recently quoted several suggestions including the Terrible Twenties, the Age of Emergency, the Omnishambles. They particularly noted novelist William Gibson coining “the Jackpot” in his 2014 novel, for a near-future period of intersecting apocalyptic crises, when everything seems to be happening at once.

Whilst these statements feel appropriately relevant, they could easily have been attributed to last year, or certainly the year before… and be assured, many, many previous years too.

This persistent appetite for naming each era, may possibly come from an annual desire to better understand it, followed by swift attempts to better manage it.

Let’s be clear, ever- changing social, political and financial movements, are continually evolving the environment we operate in… yes, continually, not uniquely to any one year.

Since the dawn of time, our reality has continuously shifted and changed, and therefore evolving how we operate has always been a continuous process.

So, rather than managing with some form of short-term New Year resolution, a better solution might be to acknowledge this and consider how to continually navigate within it, ourselves.

How we react to the changing world around us is fundamental to our ability to keep moving forward.

How do we find our best route to survival and success amidst the current reality?

How do we identify what to stop, start or do differently and identify the best way forward?

The answer is balance, finding it and maintaining it - and we can certainly help you with both.

Finding balance helps you to flexibly pivot with a confident understanding of Who you are, What you do and Why you do it… then confidently maintaining that balance as you constantly adjust to the changing environment around you.

And looking back, there’s been some changes to deal with!

As each New Year begins, the need for clearer direction can understandably be in sharper focus. So, invest time in creating the balance you need… to succeed and consistently move forward, year after year.

As each new year arrives, descriptive titles for the era we’re now entering, begin to emerge… are they fresh or have we said this before?

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