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aspiring to the next level

Seabright Productions Ltd

the background

When Seabright Productions Ltd, an independent theatre production company, grown almost entirely through the hands-on expertise and experience of a successful founder, aspired to move to the next level … establishing a balanced framework of operation was the key starting point.

From extremely effective but largely instinctive practices and tight personal controls on decision making and commercial responsibility, there was now an appetite to scale and take the business to the next level with an identified strategy and process… addressing immediate needs, whilst supporting the company’s long-term ambition.

Having a balanced framework of operation, gave the team time and space to identify, produce and nurture new shows to their fullest potential while also ensuring they could take care of the day to day running of activities and established relationships with artists.

the outcome

Following structured conversations with both the founder and senior colleagues, a series of workshops were developed, to help the wider team better understand where the business was going, to find positive agreement on the company’s direction and to identify what it would take from everyone to get there.

In order to establish a balanced strategy, the teams shaped and confirmed the key priorities, identified the opportunities and together aligned to a forward structure and timeline.

The framework of operation has enabled them to find and maintain their balance amidst a whirlwind of change, uncertainty and unexpected challenges. It has guided them to make both personal and business choices as the SPL journey continues to develop.


"The balance sessions with Martin and Mel got us to really listen to the different perspectives, focus on what was most important and make better decisions.

As we have pivoted towards working from home through the last year and needed to find new ways of efficient team working, additional time with create balance has been invaluable in helping manage this process and ensure effective support and leadership for our team."

James Seabright, Seabright Productions.


We’re delighted to still be working with SPL and enjoy regular balance conversations with both James and his team as they adjust relative to the current external challenges and continue to progress their ambitions into the new era.

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