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Balance is the ability to recognise and adjust our position relative to the things around us. It’s how we survive, succeed and keep moving forward.

Balance isn’t just useful – it’s fundamental to our evolution.

When we look closely at the fundamental principles of balance, we are able to identify simple ideas that for centuries have enabled us make things work more simply, more effectively and with greater resilience, strength and pace.

Balance is a proven concept. It’s positive influence in the fields of health, wellbeing and medicine are well respected and its principles and practices are foundational to the fields of maths, science, commerce and engineering. Nature displays a masters degree in it!

Today, race, religion and gender-balance are evolving beyond moral-imperatives and proving essential to economic progression and performance. Societal and cultural balance are becoming increasingly critical to the inclusiveness, accessibility and sustainability needs of the environments in which we co-exist and will need in the future.

Applying the concept and principles of balance to our personal and professional lives, gives us a progressive approach. It helps leaders and organisations stay focused on who they are, what they do and why they do it, whilst continually adjusting how they do things to stay influential, connected, and responsive to the world around them.

Research and experience show that the ability to create balance is a core characteristic of the most consistently successful and established organisations of the last 100years and a critical success factor for start-ups who survive today. Mastering balance as a core capability, not only enables organisations to survive and succeed, but also to be at their best, stay motivated and create a positive impact.

Nowhere is this more important, than for those whose ideas and activity have an impact on our society and culture. In addition to their intrinsic value, society and culture provide important social and economic benefits linked to improved understanding, increased tolerance, and continuous learning and development. They enable us to come together in ways that reflect different experiences, perspectives and realities. They provide a fabric and eco-system that is self-supporting and that enhances our collective quality of life.

If we can create balance as a professional mind-set and capability, we’ll be able to keep reality and truth visible at the heart of discussions and decision making. This will help us to engage more successfully with each other and with the world we live in and will leave for others.

In a world that is subject to faster and more complex change and increasing threats, there has never been a better moment for us to renew our understanding of balance and explore how it can help us in our modern lives and positively influence our future.

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