create balance

the lights are flickering on

the return of theatre


Theatre is close to surviving a remarkable period in history. Preventing total collapse has been nothing short of a miracle and, whilst we must acknowledge measured government support, the real rescue was delivered by the sheer passion and drive of the sector. Non-negotiable survival has been the drumbeat of the industry’s collaborative commitment throughout.

It’s been devastating for the sector, as multiple organisations across the country were threatened with closure or collapse. The majority of people, being self-employed, saw their lives and their livelihoods disappear overnight. Socially distanced activities were brave to stage, but in return offered insufficient reward.

Audience confidence diminished as the transparency of disciplines and best practices became increasingly difficult to detect. And this backdrop provoked an emotional cocktail of blame, guilt, stress and bitterness … which was sad.

The journey to recovery will certainly be a long one and there are still sizeable challenges ahead. But the lockdown gifted us time, positive time for reflection and hopefully, we used it well. Because now… the lights are flickering once again. Theatre is coming back, albeit in a tentative way.

So, for a moment let’s take a giddy stance on the scale of this sector. Let’s consider there’s now an additional vaccine in 2021 … a social vaccine.

This one contributes to rebuilding our soul… rebuilding our sprit and morale.

A timely quest.


(Post war Britain lent on the Arts to rebuild the country’s spirit. The arts Council was formed to deliver this).

Now is the moment for the theatre sector to find its balance - to amplify its inspirational role and re-establish its true value. But survival is not enough. The sector must now succeed and move forward.

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