create balance

the inevitability of evolution


the background

26 weeks ago, or possibly a bit more, create balance joined up with 26, a not-for-profit organisation for writers and anyone who believes in the power of words.

Many of their members work with words for a living – as business writers, authors, journalists, communication specialists, poets and designers – but they welcome anyone who respects the joy of language and good words.

Each writer was asked to adopt a conversation partner and together record thoughts and reflections of the moment, throughout the pandemic. Those involved reflected positively from the outset on the emotion of being part of something both worthwhile and extraordinary and of being able to contribute to a unique moment in history.

the outcome

26 weeks later, was there a balanced view? The project exposed the beautiful inevitability of evolution and revealed three abilities that we might take away to hopefully make us better able beyond the pandemic.

We have come through an extraordinary time, during which, our human ‘hard wiring’ was exposed and set to fast forward. It changed us a little and continues to do so … it’s the nature of evolution.

We had to adjust our limits. Discovering our innate ability to change and adapt as we reached our previous perceived limits – we drew on knowledge and instinct to make balanced choices. There was no precedent and few certainties.


The project exposed our innate human ability to create balance. As we adjusted our position relative to the world around us we rediscovered our ability to reflect, connect and continue to evolve.

an ability to reflect
Forced by the situation, we had greater time to simply think and to enjoy the opportunity to reflect on what really matters to us. We reflected on our health and well-being, its primary importance and the value of those who enable it - on the sustainability of our planet - on having a closer relationship and appreciation of nature – on the role of science, technology, the arts, creativity … and on each other.

an ability to connect
In rethinking and reawakening our connections, through both physical and emotional interactions, we explored our human values. We discovered how vital, respect, equality, kindness and support are to our existence.

We made new friends, established new relationships (often online) and came to value what happens when you listen and use words well to make connections.

an ability to evolve
Re-connecting with who we are, what we do and why we do it – our values, our core strengths and our sense of purpose – enabled us to create the balance we needed to adjust to the changes in the world around us … to things outside our control, to new environments and to new experiences.

26 weeks remains a lasting record to help continuing reflections … this archive stands as evidence of the long-term value of taking part with others in something worthwhile and contributing to a unique period in our history.