create balance

extending the brand into a new era

Oliver Hoare Ltd

the background

When your world is turned upside down, it’s not easy to see a clear direction or respond confidently to the changes taking place. But if you have a belief in the future of the business and the motivation to explore new directions and opportunities – it’s a solid first step.

Business journeys don’t always have a clear ambition or vision of the future. Sometimes taking steps to go on the journey is what’s needed to unlock opportunities, identify your strengths and better understand who you are, what you do and why you do it.

At the time, the Directors of Oliver Hoare Ltd were dealing with a heavy task load of immediate deliverables, pressing deadlines and limited resource. In addition, Islamic art as a specialist discipline was becoming increasingly challenging and the connections, experiences and ways of working, part of a different time. They needed first to survive the changes taking place and then to evolve their brand in ways that were loyal to the legacy but continued to enhance the reputation in new, more relevant ways using the strengths they had.

the outcome

Through a series of structured conversations, we worked with the Company Directors to create a framework that would help them address their immediate priorities and identify areas of opportunity. The framework used their core values – what was important to them and their customers; their unique strengths – their skills, experiences and areas of expertise; and their shared purpose – to progress the OHL legacy and inspire new connections for those with an interest in extraordinary works of art and their stories.

The framework enabled them to find and maintain their balance amidst a whirlwind of change, uncertainty and unexpected challenges. It allowed them to make informed choices about what to stop, start or do differently, whilst staying true to what they believed in.

As their journey has progressed, they’ve continued to learn as they go and understand more about who they are, what they do and why they do it.


‘‘We feel that our balance discussions together are really beginning to bear fruit towards setting ourselves to becoming more focussed. We love the idea of pushing ahead together. create balance time and advice is invaluable’’

Damian Hoare – Director. Oliver Hoare Ltd

We’re very proud to still be working with OHL and enjoy regular balance conversations that help keep things on track as they grow their strengths and continue to progress the brand into the new era.