create balance

the circular economy

Ellen MacArthur Foundation 


Balance is a proven concept… it helps adjust our position, so we survive, succeed, and keep moving forward.

How timely during COP26, the UN climate change conference, held in Glasgow this year, to link to our recent, enormously fulfilling association with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF).

Huge respect to the EMF teams, all they believe in and all they achieve. It was a privilege to be involved.

Their commitment to the circular economy is key to tackling global challenges, including climate change and biodiversity loss. Key goals of COP26.

They are helping all of us adjust how we do things for our planet to survive, succeed and move forward.

So, pause for thought:

What if our planet… was our client?

I know, difficult to grasp… but what if?

From the outset our client was insistent that her survival was a given. "Evolve. That’s what I do” she insisted.

We promised, as we always do, that whatever it takes, we would develop her capability and confidence to get the balance just right, to survive, succeed, and keep moving forward.

She talked openly of her instinct to adjust to maintain balance… and history documents this well.

Her current external influence, to which she has been consistently adjusting - is the infuriating species, humankind.

Sadly, these adjustments, including the loss forever of beautiful and complex living things, severe drought and catastrophic flooding, have gone dangerously unnoticed until recently - and it may now be too late.

As ever, our client insists that she will survive and move forward …. and she will.

However, humankind may not … unless we find balance

We help organisations create balance… and firmly believe creating balance helps all organisations.

Whilst we offer profound support to the success of COP 26 - completing the picture necessitates a Circular Economy.