create balance

it's time for balance

Just look around you … balance is a proven concept, it’s everywhere.

It’s how we evolve. It helps us adjust our position relative to the world around us, so we can survive, succeed, and keep moving forward.

If you’re running any kind of organisation, you really, really need balance to achieve your aims and objectives.

But what if you’re setting out to help build a better world?
What if you want to make a real contribution to society or culture?
What if your organisation is all about good people doing good things?

At create balance, we seek out those who are making a positive impact on the world, so we can help them create the balance they need to play their vital role in building a better future. Keeping them connected to their values, strengths, and sense of purpose, we help them find, maintain and improve their balance – so they stay on course and achieve their objectives.

Create balance is what we do. And it might be just what you need.


“They react live to curveballs and unexpected discoveries, working their magic to help the team help themselves. That takes real talent and an innate understanding of humanity. This whole experience is unlike any other consultancy we’ve encountered.”Delfont Macintosh Theatres

keep moving forward

Creating balance across your organisation gives you the clarity, energy and agility you need to respond effectively to the external world, whilst staying true to who you are, what you do and why you do it.

Balance is an underrated principle of everyday life. One you might not notice unless it’s not working as it should. It’s what gives a business its strength and stability, its movement and its momentum. It looks easy, but it needs practise.

That’s where we come in. Our consultancy and creative thinking mean you don’t have to figure it out alone. Our approach helps you to stay connected to what is important and why, then adjust your position relative to the things around you. This might involve radical change or a giant leap of faith, careful planning or protecting what you do well. Or all of these at the same time!

Whatever it takes, we help you develop the capability and confidence to get the balance just right, so you survive, succeed, and keep moving forward.

using a balanced approach helps organisations


focus on what matters most

stay responsive to the outside world

use their strengths in different ways

be open to new ideas

learn and adapt more quickly

who we work with

We love working with good people, doing good things. Those brave enough to stand up for what they believe in, who are ready to recognise and face issues and act on them. Those who believe in better.

business owners and executives

You might be an industry leader or legacy builder. You recognise the potential in your organisation and want to lead the change. By tapping into your core purpose and values, we help you shape the direction, culture, and capability you need, to secure your reputation and create the impact you want.

leaders at all levels

You may be a senior leader or manager looking to create the right environment for team success. We work with you to bring people together and reconnect them, with what is important and why. We spark open and honest dialogue so they can tackle issues directly, find the answers in the room and make the best choices.

ambitious learners and opinion formers

You are driven by your purpose and believe that we can engage more successfully with each other and the world we live in and will leave for others. We help you combine your strengths and expertise with new thinking and ideas, so you can operate at the highest standards, take bold decisions and continue to learn and adjust.

“Balance involves looking outwards at the world and inwards at the soul.” Nicholas Hytner: ‘Balancing Acts’ - Behind the scenes at the National Theatre

our blog and client stories

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is committed to the circular economy which is key to tackling global challenges, including climate change and biodiversity loss. Key goals of COP26.
So what if our planet … was our client?

bringing culture out of quarantine

There is a sense of positivity in the air, as cultural colour creeps back into the greyness that has dominated our lives. Not only is it a good route out of all this, it’s also fundamental to our future.

the return of theatre

Now is the moment for the theatre sector to find its balance... to amplify its inspirational role re-establish its true value. The lights are flickering on.
But survival is not enough. The sector must now succeed and move forward.

Paines Plough

A clear commitment to increasing inclusivity is one thing. Putting it at the heart of your business strategy and ensuring you have the capability to deliver it, requires belief, bravery, and balance.

Seabright Productions Ltd

When an independent theatre production company, grown almost entirely through the hands-on expertise and experience of a successful founder, is aspiring to the next level … establishing a balanced framework of operation was the key starting point.

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