create balance

keep moving forward

Specialising in the Arts, we help leaders across the culture sector create the balance they need to survive and succeed.

Balance is a proven concept.  It provides strength and stability. It enables movement and momentum. It helps us evolve.

Creating Balance across your organisation, gives you the clarity, energy, and agility you need to respond effectively to the external world, whilst staying true to who you are, what you do and why you do it.                                           

It looks easy, but it needs practise.

Our approach helps leaders focus on what matters most, stay responsive to changes, use their strengths in different ways and learn and adapt more effectively.

Whatever it takes, we can help you develop a balanced capability and the confidence to keep moving forward.

“Balance involves looking outwards at the world and inwards at the soul.” Nicholas Hytner: ‘Balancing Acts’ - Behind the scenes at the National Theatre


National Youth Theatre

For 60 years the NYT has been investing in dreams - discovering, inspiring and nurturing thousands of young people. But by elevating the brand further, they could also be – empowered as a force for good and social change.

Delfont Mackintosh Theatres

Running a musical phenomenon for 30 years at an unrivalled five-star level, takes hard work and commitment. But how do you retain motivation and high standards right to the end?